Janice claims her daughter, Brooklin, 34, is an “entitled narcissist” who has been to jail, and rehab, multiple times; neglects her three daughters, and has put them in danger due to her past drug use.

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Brooklin, says she feels like she’s a decent mom now, “But for a good 12 years, I was in and out, be it drugs, or completely discontent in my marriage.” She says she’s currently sober, but admits she struggles with being a mother because she had three children while still in her 20s.

“At this point, being a mom does not completely fulfill me. There’s other things that I want to do,” she says.

Once married to an NBA player, Brooklin now says she’s an aspiring actress and model. She claims that instead of her encouraging her, her mother makes her feel like “a monster” modeling lingerie.

“I need the love and support of my mother, and if she’s not going to support me, then I need her to just back off,” she says.

Why does Janice say her daughter needs help before she ends up back in jail, or worse?

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