Cheryl Hunter says she was 18 when she moved to Europe to follow her aspirations of becoming a model. She says that Within minutes of arriving in the south of France, she says she met a man who told her he could help make her dreams come true.

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Noting that the man had a camera around his neck, Cheryl recalls him asking her, “Are you a model? I can make you one. Come with me and my friend.”

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“It’s not that it seemed like a good idea, but I thought, here’s my ticket,” says Cheryl. She says she met the men at a restaurant, where she was drugged, and then taken to a remote location.

Watch the video above to find out what Cheryl says happened next. Tune-in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil to learn why she says she didn’t tell anyone about the experience for years.

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Cheryl Hunter is a life coach, media expert, public speaker, and author of two best-selling books, “Use It: Turn Setbacks Into Success,” and “How To Get Unstuck: 7 Steps To Bounce Forward When Life Knocks You Down” are available wherever books are sold.

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