Tipping the scales at 560 lbs., Eric decided to it was time for a change.

He set out on a cross-country mission to bike from Massachusetts to California, determined he says to lose weight and save his marriage.

Nearly 7 months into his trip, in the video above Eric reveals his average day on the road along with his typical diet.

Eric says he usually starts his day with peanut butter and jelly and a coke, and throughout the day may have toaster pastries and soda.

“Moderation is the key,” Eric says, adding he eats usually “six or seven times a day.”

In addition, Eric admits he smokes “about 12 cigarettes in a day.”

Eric, who has started a GoFundMe page to support his journey across America, has received criticism from people who say he is taking advantage of his supporters and using the donations to pay for a free vacation. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, he faces off with some of his critics. Watch more here.