Jerica says her parental rights to her son were terminated several years ago because of her issues with drug addiction. Her ex-husband Kody was awarded custody of the child and not long afterward, Kody’s new wife, Kim, adopted the boy.

After telling Kim she’d been sober for over two years, Jerica says she was recently invited back into the boy’s life. “In the process, Kim told me how out of control [his] behavior had become, and how much problems he had started in the last several years.”

Kim and Kody claim the boy has severe behavioral issues.
They say he was sent to a residential psychiatric treatment facility for six months after they claim they discovered him trying to hurt his baby brother.

“Last week, I was trying to explain some of [the child’s] problems, and a huge argument broke out,” says Kim, describing a recent confrontation she had with Jerica.

Jerica says she finds the whole situation odd. “A couple of years ago, Kim and Kody were doing everything they could to keep [him] out of my life. Now that there’s some behavior issues with my son, they just want nothing to do with him, and they put it all on me.” She claims Kim dropped the boy off at her door a week ago, saying she couldn’t deal with him; but has since taken him back and cut her out of his life - again.

Jerica claims the stress of the situation triggered a relapse; causing her to start using drugs again, after 10 months of sobriety.

Will Kody and Kim decide to co-parent their 8-year-old son with Jerica? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. . Check your local listings, here.

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