Jerica, who says she’s a recovering drug addict, claims her parental rights to her son with (now) ex-husband, Kody were terminated four years ago, without her knowledge.   She says she only found out that Kody’s new wife, Kim had adopted her son after the fact.

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When Kim adopted her husband Kody’s son, the state issued an amended birth certificate listing her as the child’s mother.

Kim and Kody recently allowed Jerica to become involved in her son’s life again, which she says is surprising since she claims they spent years trying to keep her away from the child, who is now eight.

“Why go to all of that trouble – to cut everything off, change the birth certificate, terminate the rights – and then re-engage?” asks Dr. Phil.

Kody says he wanted his son to have answers to questions he was asking about Jerica; but Jerica says Kody and Kim had another reason for inviting her back into their son’s life. She claims Kim told her the boy is “out of control.”

Jerica also says she believes Kim wants her to take him back. Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday.

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