Derrick Wilburn is a father of three and the leader of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives. He recently spoke out at a public school board meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in protest of what he says was a proposal to bring teachings “inspired by” Critical Race Theory (CRT) into local K-12 classrooms.

“I fundamentally object and disagree with the notion that America is an oppressive nation to people of color. I simply don’t believe it,” he says. “What I see is a nation of opportunity – not a nation of oppression.”

What is it that is being taught in K-12 classrooms that Derrick says he objects to? Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, “Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” to find out.

And later, Dr. Shaun Harper, Race and Equity Director at the University of Southern California, says that the idea that Critical Race Theory is taught in the K-12 curriculum is false and being used as a “political scapegoat” by people who don’t understand what it is.

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