Derrick Wilburn, a father of three and the leader of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, says he fundamentally objects to Critical Race Theory and teachings “inspired by” Critical Race Theory (CRT) in K-12 classrooms. He also says he disagrees with the notion that “America is an oppressive nation to people of color.”

Dr. Phil references studies showing that, statistically, Black people and other people of color have higher rates of incarceration and receive stiffer sentences when convicted of committing similar crimes as white Americans.

When Derrick says, “You’ve got to go deeper than simply a surface analysis of saying this is all racist,” how does Dr. Shaun Harper, Race and Equity Director at the University of Southern California, respond?

Watch this Dr. Phil web-Exclusive to find out! Then tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” as Dr. Phil talks to parents, educators, and others from all sides of the equation about this polarizing topic.

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