Joel and TaMiya, who are Black, say they had just left a sporting goods and apparel store after purchasing their young son his first basketball when the white female manager followed them outside and falsely accused Joel of stealing the item.

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“Anytime a white woman gets into a conflict with a black man in public it’s not a good situation,” says TaMiya, noting that the manager then flagged down police.

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“I was afraid my husband would get tased – or shot,” she says.

Joel says, “She sicced those officers on us and told them that we stole a ball that we couldn’t have stolen, because - obviously I didn’t steal it - because I had a receipt,” adding, “I feel like, just [her] lying to a police officer could have got us killed.”

Joel and TaMiya say they felt they were racially profiled by the store manager. Watch the video above to find out how claim police treated them.

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