Keisha is a Black entrepreneur who says that after her grandfather passed away in 2020, she inherited his home in a multi-million-dollar neighborhood. She says the challenges of inheriting the home came with some disturbing problems, including being on the receiving end of “predatory letters” from people trying to buy the property for far less than it was worth.

Keisha says one letter she received stated that she was behind on property taxes, which she wasn’t. Others, she says, tried to get her to sign up for a reverse mortgage, and another, from a neighbor, offered condolences on the death of her grandfather – then asked to buy the house.

“They offered me $800,000, which is a lot of money, but it was a slap in the face because, in this neighborhood, I know my house is worth almost $2,000,000,” says Keisha.

Continuing, Keisha says she believes many of the lowball offers she received were rooted in racial bias. “I believe that those letters were not random. They know for sure who was inheriting – and what.”

Instead of selling, Keisha says she decided to keep her grandfather’s home and renovate it. Watch the video above to hear what she claims happened when she applied for a home improvement loan.

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Bias in Real Estate: Enough is Enough!” airs Thursday. And later, Dr. Phil talks to a couple who claim a realtor turned them away because they are Black. Then, in Friday’s conclusion, “Fighting Back: Real Estate Bias Exposed,” Dr. Phil talks to a real estate broker who claims he has witnessed firsthand property owners who refuse to sell to someone of a different ethnic background.

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