Sarah says she feels ashamed that she’s been using Alan’s photos to catfish others. The 24-year-old admits she’s been luring other women into online relationships using Alan’s images for several years.

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When Sarah is unable to explain to Alan and his wife, Amanda, why she targeted their family, Alan tells her she’s “rambling.”

WATCH ‘It’s Not That I Enjoyed Doing What I Did, Or Had Fun Doing It,’ Says Woman Who Admits Catfishing Others

Dr. Phil says, “You heard no sense of remorse come out of her because she doesn’t feel that.”

Sarah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Ken says that when he found out about Sarah’s online activities, the thing that made him the most upset was how many times she lied to him about it. After hearing Dr. Phil’s explanation, he says “This makes a whole lot of things that have happened in the past make a whole lot of sense.”

He adds that in his relationship with Sarah, “I couldn’t get her to see things from my perspective.”

Alan, Amanda, and Ken all say they just want Sarah to get help. Does Dr. Phil have a plan?

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