Film star Gary Busey says he had to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, and dress himself again after a 1988 motorcycle accident left him with a traumatic brain injury. But his wife, Steffanie, says Gary didn’t believe there was anything wrong with his brain.

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Then, several months ago, Gary started working with Dr. Daniel Amen to retrain his brain. Dr. Amen is a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, brain imaging expert and bestselling author, as well as founder of Amen Clinics.

“When he first came to see us, I felt so sad for him,” says Dr. Amen, adding, “His memory, his judgment – his impulse control were just not good. He was really cognitively impaired.”

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Dr. Amen says he performed a SPECT scan (single-photon emission computed tomography) on Gary, which revealed a number of severely damaged areas in his brain.

“It’s almost miraculous he’s doing as well as he’s doing with a brain that is so seriously damaged,” he says in the video above.

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“It’s already been an amazing improvement,” says Steffanie, of the work Gary has been doing with Dr. Amen.

What does Dr. Amen say he’s been doing to help Gary rehabilitate his brain?

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Dr. Daniel Amen is a nine-time bestselling author of titles including “Memory Rescue,” and “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” His newest book, “Feel Better Fast and Make It Last,” is available online and wherever books are sold.

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How A Noted Neuroscientist, Psychiatrist, And Brain Imaging Expert Says He’s Helping Actor Gary Busey ‘Rescue’ His Brain Function