Josh hung himself with a shoelace two years ago. When he was discovered, he was still breathing, but he has been living in a vegetative state. His wife, Maegan, claims she’s seen a decline in his condition during the last year, so she says she wants to remove his feeding tube and let him die peacefully. Josh’s mother, Kelly, claims her son is “stable” and there’s no reason he should die.
Dr. Daniel Amen, a brain specialist, founder of the Amen Clinics, and bestselling author of the new book Your Brain is Always Listening, examines scans of an anoxic brain. Hear what he says about these types of injuries in the video above. What does he believe is Josh’s prognosis for improvement?
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Amen shares what he would do if he had a loved one in Josh’s situation. And, hear more about why Maegan and Kelly disagree about Josh’s future. Can they come together to decide what is truly best for Josh? Watch more from "'It's Time to Let My Husband Peacefully Pass Away.'"

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