Alethea says living with Kevin, her partner of 15 years, is like “living with the Incredible Hulk.” She claims Kevin is a “rageaholic” and says she’ll leave him if he doesn’t get help.

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Kevin acknowledges he gets angry and frustrated and says he also experiences bouts of deep depression. He says he believes his rage could be the result of a series of head injuries he received while playing football when he was younger.

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In the video above, Kevin pays a visit to brain-trauma expert and internationally recognized neuroradiologist, Dr. Bradley Jabour, chief radiologist and owner of the Medical Imaging Center of Southern California.

“We have the tools now to look not only at the architecture of the brain, but also mechanisms that are not good,” says Dr. Jabour.

“I am anxious about the results,” says Kevin after undergoing a comprehensive 3 Tesla MRI scan at Dr. Jabour’s clinic.

Watch Friday’s Dr. Phil to find out what Dr. Jabour reveals about the results of Kevin’s brain scan.

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