Mercuree claims she’s being cyberstalked, harassed, and threatened by Reality TV personality, Chrissy Monroe; formerly of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. She claims Chrissy has used her celebrity status to attempt to try to blackball Mercuree from the entertainment industry and to ruin her life.

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“Chrissy is obsessed with taking me down because she sees me as competition,” says Mercuree, who hosts a talk show on cable access in Brooklyn, NY “She’s not getting any gigs. No one’s hiring her for anything. So, she’s using me to bring relevance.”

Chrissy denies Mercuree’s claims and alleges that it’s Mercuree who is stalking her. Chrissy claims that Mercuree is “completely obsessed” with her, and says she’s afraid of what might happen next.

Watch the video above as Mercuree explains how the two women met, then tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil  to hear why she says she made over 100 posts about Chrissy on her social media channels.

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Former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cast Member Chrissy Monroe Says Stalking Allegations Are ‘Ridiculous’