Is social media healthy or harmful? Media consultant, author, and tech expert Shelly Palmer claims that the filters and altered images prevalent on social media can be harmful to self-esteem and body image, while internet personality and influencer Violet Benson says social media helped to build her confidence.

Identical twin sisters Dr. Lexie and Dr. Lindsay Kite are experts in the study of body image and the harmful effects of objectification. Together, they authored the book “More Than A Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament.” The sisters say that social media can have negative impacts on all users, but overall, it affects women more.

“The algorithm is designed to make you think, ‘Oh, I do not measure up. I need to figure out how I can fix myself,’” claims Lexie. “Many women admit to Photoshopping and editing their own photos [and] using filters whenever possible. It’s actually causing us real harm.”

Lindsay says that both she and Lexie have been affected by media representation of women’s bodies. “Social media really magnifies that problem by giving a platform to ask other people to value and validate your looks,” she claims.

Watch the video above to hear why the sisters recommend that people avoid using filters when posting their images to social media. Then, tune in to Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Social Media vs. Reality: Addicted to Likes?” as a panel of experts, influencers, and others discuss the amplification of social media and how it’s impacting our culture.

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