Brian says he was bicycling through downtown Toronto in July 2020, when someone from a group opposing the city’s mandatory mask ordinance handed him a card claiming, among other things, that face coverings deprive people of oxygen.

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Kelly Anne, who was with the group, insists that Toronto’s mandatory mask policy is “absolutely absurd.” She says that when Brian, who was recording the encounter on his phone, tore up the literature in front of them, she decided to “give him enough content to go viral.” The video has since been seen millions of times.

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Alleging that Brian labeled her anti-Semitic, racist, and a “Karen,” Kelly Anne says, “The term ‘Karen’ is a racial label against white women with an opinion.” She claims she has received death threats since Brian’s video went viral.

Noting that Kelly Anne has been branded a “Karen,” by many people online, Brian says, “I think she’s more of a ‘Covidiot.’”.

Kelly Anne says she wants an apology from Brian. Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil to find out why Brian says that’s not going to happen.

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