Kim’s father, Bob, was convicted of sexual assault for molesting her for years as a child. Bob doesn’t deny having sexual contact with his daughter and served four years behind bars; but Kim, who is now an adult, claims he is continuing to blame her for the abuse to “justify his actions.”

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“He said that it was all my fault and all my idea. I lured him in sexually, we were in it together. And that everything that happened was consensual,” she claims. “But it’s absolutely ridiculous; I was just a child when he started all of this. I wasn’t old enough to understand what was happening, I wasn’t old enough to consent to those type of things.”

Kim says the sexual abuse she experienced as a child has deeply affected her life. “It hurt my relationships and it gave me a distorted view of what a relationship with a man should have been.” She says she’s still haunted by the abuse that she went through as a child, and “There isn’t anything he could ever say to me to excuse what he’s done, and all that I’ve had to go through because of him.”

Kim says she hasn’t seen her father in over three years. Why does she claim she wants to confront him now?

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Woman Claims Dad Groomed Her For Childhood Sexual Abuse