Jennifer and Justin say that as adults, they are still dealing with the aftermath of growing up with a mom who has been married 10 times.
“I don’t think my mom took very good care of us. She wasn’t very attentive,” says Jennifer, claiming that she lived in at least seven different houses as a child.

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“When I would stay with my mom when I was a teen, I didn’t really ever have my own room. I never really had my things there,” adds Justin.
The siblings also claim that they witnessed their mom, Cassey, cheating on her husbands.
“I did see my mom cheat on my little brother’s dad when I was 12,” Jennifer says. “I saw her kissing the preacher on the couch.”

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“I think my mom’s scared to be alone,” says Justin.
Jennifer claims, “She marries for money not for love or happiness. She thinks money is what makes her happy.”
How does Cassey respond to her children’s accusations? Watch in the video above. And, hear a statement from one of Cassey’s ex-husbands.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more from Justin and Jennifer, including accusations that their mom abuses drugs. And, hear Dr. Phil’s advice for how Cassey can rebuild her relationships with her children. Check here to see where you can watch.

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