Victor claims his ex-wife, Brandi, is an alcoholic whose behavior is severely damaging their 11-year-old son. Brandi, who admits she’s been out of control for a while, claims Victor is turning their son against her.

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In the conclusion of a two-part episode airing Thursday, Dr. Phil explains, “When you fight in front of your children and do the things you two have done, it changes who they are. It’s not like they’re upset today but they’ll be better tomorrow, it changes who they are.”

Continuing, he says, “Children have a unique ability to figure out how everything that goes wrong is somehow their fault. I promise you some way they figure out, if I was a better child, they would get along.”

“I always tell him, Dr. Phil, it’s not his fault,” interjects Victor.

“The two of you need to decide that this stops here and this stops now,” says Dr. Phil.

How do Brandi and Victor respond when he tells them they owe their son an apology?

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