Eric and Monique say they are confident that the man their 78-year-old mom, Irina, has had an online relationship with for the last three years is a "scammer." They say the person, who says his name is “David Adams,” has swindled her out of her life savings – and now they say they fear she has become his accomplice in an international money laundering scam, which has brought the police to the family home twice.

“I’m extremely concerned that “David Adams” involved my mother in a money laundering scheme,” says Eric. “One of his so-called business associates from England wired extreme amounts to her bank account.” He says that the police showed up at his house to check if his mom was “of sound mind.”

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“The police thought that I was being scammed,” says Irina, who admits that she received $36,000 and transferred the money to “David” in Nigeria. “In my heart, I told them that I do not believe that at all.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews emails between Irina and “David Adams” regarding the potential "money laundering scheme". And on Wednesday, Dr. Phil conducts an international investigation to determine if this “David Adams” exists. What does he uncover? Check here to see where you can watch.