British model Chloe Ayling claims that she was lured to a photoshoot in Milan, Italy where she was handcuffed, drugged and held captive for six days. The 20-year-old claims her alleged captor told her he was part of Black Death, a massive criminal organization, and that she was supposed to be sold into sex trafficking – but that there had been a mistake and he was going to help her get $300,000 so that she could be released.

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Ayling claims that during her time in captivity, her captor was watching her almost 24/7 and that she intentionally led him on so that she would survive.

“I’d always say, ‘If you release me, maybe something can happen in the future. Like, we can meet up,’” Ayling tells Dr. Phil in a daytime exclusive interview airing Thursday. “He was getting really happy about that, so I had to cling on to doing that to be able to get him to release me.”

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Ayling’s alleged abductor, Lukasz Herba, has been charged with kidnapping and remains in custody in Italy. His attorney maintains this was a publicity stunt, and that his client did not knowingly take part in any crime.

On Thursday’s episode, Ayling shares more of her story, including how she claims she was finally released. And, how does she respond to claims that the kidnapping was a sham? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Chloe Ayling Addresses Accusations She Was Laughing In Public With Alleged Captor