Three-time Grammy nominee Michele Pillar says she was 29 when she had an extramarital affair that contributed to the demise of her first marriage. “I don’t think people have affairs for sexual reasons,” she says. “I think they have affairs because, somewhere along the line, they’ve lost their voice.”

On Thursday, the Christian recording artist tells Dr. Phil that at one point, things got so dark for her, she contemplated taking her own life. Watch the video above to hear what – and who – Michele says brought her back from the brink of suicide.

Michele Pillar writes about these and other experiences in her new book, “Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’ Terrorized By My Teenager’,” airs Thursday. Check local listings to find out where you can watch.

Michele Pillar's book, “Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free,” is available for purchase on her website and wherever books are sold.

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