Tricia’s sister, Christy, was given legal custody of her two daughters, ages nine and 13, while Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, served time for reckless homicide.

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After being released from prison six months early, Tricia says she’s clean and sober, working full time, has a two-bedroom apartment and is ready to bring her daughters home. She claims she and Christy had a verbal agreement, but now her sister refuses to give Tricia her daughters back.

“That was supposed to be the goal,” she says, adding that she agreed to place her daughters with her sister “Because I know that it’s extremely difficult to try and get your girls back when they’re placed in foster care.”

“Why does she not want you to have them back?” Dr. Phil asks Tricia in part one of a two-part episode airing Wednesday.

“I don't know if it’s just the money that she gets, or just to spite me,” she responds, adding, “She loves the control. I mean, honestly, there’s no real reason - there’s not a legitimate reason.”

Tricia also claims that Christy neglects her daughters, as well as verbally abuses them, which Christy adamantly denies.

Christy says she’ll never give Tricia her children back. Why does she claim her sister is a deceitful, irresponsible drug addict who hasn’t changed at all since leaving prison?

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