Newlyweds Angie and Michael got married in Colorado because their home state of Utah doesn’t permit marriage between first cousins. The couple says they could face jail time if they have sex in the state of Utah.

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Angie has three children from her first marriage. She claims her youngest child was “fine” with her marrying Michael but admits her older two didn’t accept it at first. She claims they have since “come around.”

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Joining the conversation, Dr. Charles Sophy, a clinical psychiatrist and Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, says, “I can’t tell if I’m more upset and disturbed that they enjoy this - or that they’re damaging their children.”

Watch the video above to learn what other concerns Dr. Sophy says he has about the impact Angie and Michael’s relationship may be having on their kids.

And later, Angie and Michael say they’ve started a petition to change the law regarding first cousin marriage in Utah. Why does Dr. Phil say he believes Angie and Michael are being “Naïve and narcissistic” in the way they’re going about it?

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