Holly says she’s addicted to hydrocodone. She says she’s prescribed three pills a day but is taking eight. She admits she’s blacklisted from doctors, emergency rooms and hospitals, so she has even had to drive out of state to get drugs for a fix. 

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Coach Mike Bayer, founder and CEO of CAST Centers, offers some insight into Holly’s behavior.
“Holly’s addicted. She’s dependent,” Coach Mike says. “The other issue that it seems like is Holly’s not really willing to do the work. She’s not willing to do the work on a real romance. She’s not willing to do the work to lose the weight that she wants to lose. She’s not willing to do the work to get off drugs. She’s not willing to do the work to be independent.”

WATCH: Woman Addicted To Opioids Says She’s Blacklisted At Doctors, E.R.s And Has To Go To Another State To Get Meds

Hear more from Coach Mike in the video above and why he says drug goggles are distorting Holly's life. And, Dr. Phil has advice for the 28-year-old, who is also engaged to two international men whom she has never met, on what she can do to move in a new direction.
This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.