In the fall of 2014, then 19-year-old college Junior Abby Honold was violently raped by Daniel Drill-Mellum, a fellow student at the University of Minnesota. Abby says she met her attacker through a mutual friend at a football tailgate party. Drill-Mellum eventually confessed to the assault and was sentenced to six years behind bars.

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Abby talks about the day she met Daniel Drill-Mellum, and the events leading up to her assault. She says she had already been drinking before she arrived at the party, which took place in the courtyard of a local apartment building. 

Abby says about 30 minutes after meeting Drill-Mellum he noticed her drink was empty, and that’s when he prompted her to leave the party with him to find more alcohol.

Abby says at first she told him no, but was soon persuaded to accompany Drill-Mellum across the street to his apartment, despite her initial reservations. “I think I was so intoxicated that it clicked in my head, and then I sort of forgot about that a couple of minutes later when he asked me again.”

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When they entered his apartment, says Abby, Drill-Mellum already had what she believed at the time to be two shots of alcohol poured and sitting on the kitchen counter. Abbey says she doesn’t recall whether she drank the shot Drill-Mellum offered or not; but, she says, “the next thing I remember is – I was in his bedroom – and he was very violently ripping my clothes off.”

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What happened after Abby says Daniel Drill-Mellum brutally attacked her, and how did he nearly get away with it? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr.Phil to hear the rest of this college rape survivor’s story of courage and perseverance.

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Survivor Of Violent Assault Describes Trying To Negotiate With Her Rapist