Marie and Gordon say their house is unlivable and that their lives have been turned upside-down. The couple, who lives in Australia, claims a neighbor has been bombarding their home with toxic fumes since 2017, and it’s making them sick.

Marie’s daughters, Amy and Emily, say they aren’t convinced of their mother and Gordon’s claims and need Dr. Phil to get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil calls upon multiple experts to help determine what could be causing Marie and Gordon to experience various symptoms, including rashes, blistering, dizziness, cramping, and pain. Then, Airsafe, an Australian company specializing in the detection and mitigation of air quality and environmental contaminants, is brought in to perform a comprehensive chemical analysis on the home.

“You name it, we did it,” says Josh, a technician at Airsafe, noting the crew performed upward of 280 specific tests. Watch the video above to find out what they discovered. And later, do Marie and Gordon say they accept the results?

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