A year after he abducted, molested and left 5-year-old Brittany Fish tied up under a tarp near an empty warehouse in 2004, Kevin Schaus was arrested by police in Syracuse, NY, in connection with the molestation of another little girl.

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Schaus confessed to the molestation, to Brittany’s abduction, and to two other kidnappings.

Regarding Brittany’s abduction, Schaus claimed in his confession that he’d thought about bringing her home and said, ”When I heard she was found, I was overjoyed.”

WATCH ‘I Love Him More Than I Could Ever Imagine,’ Says Childhood Kidnapping Survivor Of The Man Who Rescued Her

Fifteen years after she was abducted, Brittany is learning these details for the first time. Watch the video above to learn how she responds to Schaus’s statement to the authorities.

Plus, before Kevin Schaus was apprehended, the story of Brittany’s kidnapping was featured twice on the long-running true-crime television program, America’s Most Wanted. Host and missing children’s advocate John Walsh joins the conversation on this Dr. Phil daytime exclusive airing Tuesday.

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If your child is missing, or if you have information that could lead to the recovery of a missing child, please contact the National Crime and Information Center or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678

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How To Avoid An Abduction Attempt

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How To Avoid An Abduction Attempt