Critical race theory is a four-decade-old academic concept, generally taught at the post-graduate level, which contends that race is a social construct, and racism is not simply the product of individual bias but something that has been embedded in U.S. legal systems and policies from the beginning of the Republic.

Today, thousands of parents across the United States are claiming that teachings like Critical Race Theory (CRT) or those “inspired” by CRT are filtering into their children’s school courses without their consent.

Derrick Wilburn, a father of three and the leader of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives says he is vehemently opposed to teaching CRT in the K-12 curriculum. He says he disagrees with “The Marxist ideology that says that society is divided into two sections; oppressors – which in the United States would be the Caucasians – and the oppressed people of color.” and that all children of color, not just white children, should be taught not to be oppressors.

Dr. Shaun Harper, Race and Equity Director at the University of Southern California, says the idea that Critical Race Theory is taught in the K-12 curriculum is false and being used as a “political scapegoat” by people who don’t understand what it is.

Is there any common ground between these two points of view? Watch this web exclusive from Wednesday’s Dr. Phil,“Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” to find out what Derrick, Shaun, and Dr. Phil’s other guests on all sides of this polarizing topic say they can agree on.

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