“To say I was destroyed by Brooke’s false allegations is an understatement,” says the man found guilty of stalking actress Brooke Shields in a New York City courtroom last summer.

Forty-nine-year-old John Rinaldi served just 28 days of a 60-day jail sentence at New York’s Rikers Island on two misdemeanor counts each for stalking and harassing Shields.

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He has maintained his innocence since the conviction. He claims the star and her husband lied about him on the stand.

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But Rinaldi, who claims he was working as a mortgage banker and lost his job over the case, now says the fallout from his conviction goes well beyond what was done to his reputation.

“My family has been destroyed because of this,” asserts Rinaldi, who says his younger sister died just a week after he was released from jail. “I think my sister drank herself to death, worrying about me.”

In the video above, John says he blames Shields for his sister’s death. “If it had not been for Brooke lying under oath, and filing fake police charges – I would have been there when my sister needed me.”

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Can Dr. Phil help John to get past blaming the actress for his misfortunes? Tune in to the show on Thursday to see what happens.

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