Gina claims her ex-husband, Dan, molested their daughter, Alexis, when she was a baby.


“When Alexis was 2 ½, out of the blue, Alexis told me that her dad gave her ‘owies [in her private parts]’,” Gina says. She says she confronted Dan about it 16 years ago, and he denied it then, and Dan continues to absolutely deny the accusations. But she says she believed her daughter.


“I watched Alexis’ behaviors totally just change. She started becoming withdrawn. She had nightmares, she was wetting the bed”, Gina claims.


Dan is adamant that he never molested his daughter, and points out that police never found any evidence to support Gina’s claims. He claims that Gina made the claims to destroy him after he ended their relationship. 


Dr. Phil digs deep to find out what is really going on here. He asks Gina about the timeline of events surrounding the molestation claim, including why she would allow Dan to take care of their children for four months if she believed he was molesting their daughter. And, he reviews the records from the police investigation which found nothing abnormal and not enough information to proceed with any further investigation. 


“I think you are a well-intentioned and loving mother,” he tells Gina. “I think mentally, emotionally, physically, we do the best we can with what we have at the time. And when we know better, we do better. And I think when we’re young, and in love and scared, we can distort our own reality in a lot of ways.”


He continues, “If you thought somebody was molesting your 2-year-old daughter, would you bundle her up and drop her off over there?” he asks.


“Hell no,” she replies.


“But you’re trying to tell me you believed that at the time and you did that?” Dr. Phil asks. “And I know enough about you to know if you truly believed that at the time, horses couldn’t drag you over there. But yet you say you believed this was happening and you thought, ‘I’ll go drop her off over there so he can do it again, and again, and again.”


In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews Gina’s varying accounts of her explaining the alleged abuse. “Isn’t it just possible, that in the chaos of being a single mother in emotional turmoil, that facts became convoluted and merged together and built into something more than they were?” he asks Gina.


On Wednesday’s episode, both Gina and Dan agree to take a polygraph. What will the results reveal? Check here to see where you can watch.