“Even though I’ve only been arrested four times, I’ve probably shoplifted over 500 times,” admits Claire, a stay-at-home mom of four. Claire is currently on probation for a fourth-degree felony shoplifting charge, and says if she gets caught again, she faces prison time. Claire claims she can’t control the impulse to shoplift.

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“She would steal things that are very small,” says Claire’s husband, Chris. “I would rationalize to myself that these are big corporations – are they really going to miss a five-dollar shirt or two-dollar cream here and there? I enable Claire by rationalizing simple things like that.”

Claire admits Chris has paid over $20k just to keep her out of jail. In addition to taking her children with her when she shoplifts, she says she’s also taken them with her to meet her probation officer, which she says is “really pretty shameful.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Claire also admits she was once addicted to drugs.

Dr. Phil tells Claire that what she’s doing now with the shoplifting “is getting the same fix that you were getting when you were on the drugs. And that’s why you’re not going to stop it if something doesn’t happen.”

Does Claire’s past chemical dependency relate to what she says are her uncontrollable urges to steal, now? Is there a treatment plan that will help her overcome her compulsions? Check here to find out where you can watch Wednesday’s Dr. Phil.

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