Rob and Stephanie say they’re over $50k in debt, and their money problems have put such a strain on their relationship that - after 12 years of marriage - they’re on the verge of splitting up.

“Our financial situation is a mess, and it’s put our marriage in jeopardy,” says Stephanie in the video above.

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“We constantly fight about money, and how to handle money.” She claims Rob, a commercial landscaper, is “foolish in business.” Stephanie says she wants a postnup but says she and Rob can’t agree on the terms.

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“Stephanie is very impulsive and almost downright reckless,” says Rob about his wife’s spending habits.

“I’m about living big – and in abundance,” admits Stephanie, an entertainer and singer who says she recently spent $50k to record a country-pop album. She says she and Rob have been on the verge of homelessness due to their bad credit.

Stephanie and Rob say they agree on one thing: they’re both responsible for being in debt.

Can this couple climb their way out of financial disaster and back to a happy marriage? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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