As Christians, assistant church pastors Jason and Brooke say they were just trying to help someone in need when they invited a recovering addict and homeless woman named Sarah to stay with them.

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“I helped Sarah to get into a homeless shelter, but when she needed to have foot surgery, I invited Sarah to move into our home so that I could help take care of her,” says Brooke, a mother of seven children.

The couple says Sarah stayed on a couch in their home while she was recovering from surgery and later they moved her into an RV on their property.

“When Sarah started watching our family dynamic she really started to turn on us,” says Jason.

The couple claims Sarah turned them in to DCS (Department of Child Services), with allegations of neglect and sexual abuse in the home.

“My kids are not neglected,” says Brooke. “They are not!”

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Jason says, “As a father, I was very angry that somebody thought that sexual abuse was occurring inside of my house.”

What does Sarah claim she observed in Jason and Brooke’s home that prompted her to call DCS; and how do Jason and Brooke say they responded when they found out what she’d done?

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‘I Recognize Child Abuse,’ Says Homeless Woman Claiming Family Who Hosted Her Neglects Their Kids