Tami and Tim claim their daughter, Amanda’s, six-year marriage is destructive and dysfunctional, and they are often dragged into the middle of the fighting. They say they want her to get divorced if she and her husband, Chuck, can’t solve their problems.

“I know more about their marriage than I really care to know because Amanda turns to me with every issue, every problem,” says Tami, who reached out to Dr. Phil to help Chuck and Amanda.

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“Amanda moved in with Chuck after only knowing him for a few months,” Tim adds. “I don’t think Amanda knew what she was getting into.”

Tim says that he and his wife have even visited a counselor to talk about Chuck and Amanda’s relationship. “We got to a point where it was involving us so much that it was consuming us,” he claims.

The grandparents say that they are also concerned about the well-being of their two young grandchildren.

“Because of their fighting and arguing our 5-year-old grandson is witnessing, he said, ‘Everybody in the world thinks I’m [expletive],’” Tami claims. “Chuck and Amanda’s relationship is definitely destroying the children.”

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In the video above, hear what Chuck and Amanda’s 5-year-old son tells his grandparents about his parents. And, why does Amanda say she believes Chuck is resentful. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.