Lindsay claims she and her husband, Billy, have been shut out of her family’s multimillion-dollar pet supply business by her parents, Mike and Sue, who they say favor her older sisters, Brooke and Robyn.

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“Billy and I are never treated like the rest of the family. My parents have not set Billy and I up for success. My sisters have been given much better opportunities,” claims Lindsay. “When my sisters wanted to open a business, they were provided a big, beautiful retail store, staff, state of the art equipment. When I wanted to open a business, it was just me in a little tiny shop.”

“Her family doesn’t want to help us because they don’t like me,” claims Billy. “Every time Lindsay and I have asked for financial help, it’s been the end of the world. They make it as hard as possible, and then hold it over their heads.”

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Lindsay claims her family “despises” Billy and that her relationship with her sisters is estranged.

“My oldest sister Robin treats me like she’s so much better than me. My sister Brooke has always felt like she’s had some sort of vendetta against me,” the youngest of three says.

Recently, Lindsay says tensions came to a boiling point. In the video above, she describes an altercation she had with her sister and brother-in-law that resulted in her and Billy not speaking to her family. Can Dr. Phil help this family move past their feud and rebuild their relationships? Check here to see where you can watch Friday’s episode.

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