“My wife and I are accused of kidnapping our own child by my mother, and it’s absolutely crazy,” says Waco. “My mother is trying to take my child away.”

Waco and his wife, Alley, claim that Waco’s mother, Stacy, and her husband, Jacob, are trying to “steal” their 3-year-old daughter. They claim Stacy has made up lies about them, saying that they abuse and neglect their daughter and that the child is malnourished, accusations that Waco and Alley call “ridiculous” and which they claim have been proven untrue by Child Protective Services.

“Stacy has been completely obsessed with my daughter,” claims Alley, who says she doesn’t want her daughter visiting with her grandparents. “Since she has been born, Stacy has always wanted to mother my daughter.”

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However, Stacy and Jacob claim that Waco and Alley are neglectful parents and say they believe their granddaughter is in danger living with them.

“I’ve been concerned about my granddaughter since she’s been a baby because[her] parents don’t ever live in a place very long, they don’t keep the same job very long,” Jacob says.

“I’ve been worried about them partying around my granddaughter,” Stacy adds. “My granddaughter deserves better than what they are giving her right now. I am more capable of caring for her than they are.”

Waco, his mother and young daughter are registered members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and a Tribal Court involved in the dispute granted Stacy and Jacob visitation rights. After the grandparents won visitation, Waco and Alley claim that because they were scared for their daughter’s safety, they took her out of state — without telling their family — causing Stacy to file a missing person’s report for the child.

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“We are perfectly capable parents. I would rather go to jail, flee the country, to keep my daughter safe,” Waco says.

On Thursday’s episode, Waco and Alley learn that the judge granted custody of the child to the grandparents after Waco and Alley failed to show up for a court hearing. And, a legal analyst weighs in. Is there hope for solving this family battle? Watch more here.