Jana and Allen say that since their neighbors Melanie, Maritha and Maritha’s son, Christopher, moved into the house directly behind them, they have been in constant conflict. They say their neighbors have made false police reports, called DFS, threatened them and that their four dogs bark all hours of the night.

But Maritha points the finger right back at Jana and Allen, accusing them of making her life a “living hell.”

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Among the encounters fueling the feud between the neighbors is an incident in which Jana and Allen claim that 21-year-old Christopher, along with his two younger brothers, planted and detonated an explosive device beneath their children’s backyard swing set.

“My husband and I were asleep in bed, and we heard a loud explosive," Jana says.

“You could see on the video Maritha’s three sons come out of the garage, light an explosive and all three of them run back to the house when the explosion goes off,” Allen says.

“We cannot believe that three children tried to blow my kids’ swing set up,” Jana adds. “What’s next, is she going to try and kill us? Is she going to blow our house up?”

However, Christopher denies being involved in the incident.

“She had a grainy video; I couldn’t even tell if these were adults, or grown men or little kids. They are obviously lying,” he says. “I go to a very, very good university and I would not jeopardize my presence at that university.”

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Christopher adds that he believes race plays a role in the neighbors’ ongoing feud.

“I believe that Jana is a racist. She also relies upon negative stereotypes of African-American people being violent and criminal by nature,” Christopher says. “My worst fear is that the situation will spiral further out of control and we’ll have another replay of the Mike Brown incident or the Trayvon Martin incident, where one of my younger brothers, myself or my mother will end up laying out there in the middle of the cul-de-sac dead.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Neighbor Feud Erupts with Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence,” airs Monday. Watch more here.