“My granddaughter is not safe with my son and daughter-in-law because they parent drunk,” says Renee about Chris and Jessica.

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Renee says that because she and her husband, Lee, were so concerned for the well-being of their 6-year-old granddaughter, they had Chris and Jessica move into their house.

“When they left their apartment, the conditions in there were terrible,” Renee says. “My granddaughter's potty-training chair was completely full and moldy.”

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Lee adds, “We actually found piles of old diapers that hadn't been cleaned out in months. The conditions were disgusting.”

Chris and Jessica admit that they are severe alcoholics but insist that they are "great" parents.

Renee and Lee claim Chris and Jessica are “aggressive” toward each other and they’ve seen their granddaughter cower in the corner and cry. And, that they drink to excess while caring for the little girl.

“When Chris and Jessica take our granddaughter out, they go to places where they drink. They come back, they're staggering, and she's in the car with them,” Renee says. “The path that they're on right now, they're going to die.”

The grandparents say the final straw was a dangerous incident that happened this past Easter, an event they say their granddaughter, whom they now have custody of, calls the worst day of her life. Hear about it in the video above.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Dr. Phil cameras show up to film with Chris and Jessica. After seeing footage of their behavior, will Chris and Jessica stand by their position that they're "great" parents and that their drinking does not place their daughter in danger? Check here to see where you can watch.

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A Day In The Life Of Young Parents Who Drink To Excess