Twenty-year-old Taylor claims she went from being a teenage social media star with around 30,000 followers to being homeless and depressed after experiencing bullying, cyber-stalking and having all of her social media accounts repeatedly hacked. She admits she uses drugs, including Xanax and heroin “once in a while,” but says it’s not every day.

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Taylor’s parents, Cathy and Randy say not only is their daughter’s behavior out of control; they claim her boyfriend, Anthony, controls everything she does.

“I don’t trust Anthony. He manipulates, he lies,” claims Cathy.

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Randy claims, “When we call her, he’s right in her ear, telling her what to say, what to do.”

“Anthony’s a loser,” Randy continues. “I credit him for my daughter’s demise, and her downward spiral.”

“Taylor’s parents are just delusional for the things that they believe about me,” claims Anthony on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil. What I want is just to get to the bottom of this hacking stuff, and to get Taylor’s parents off my back.”

Randy and Cathy say they don’t think Taylor and Anthony should be together. Does Anthony’s mother, Angela, agree?

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