Betty claims that nine years into her marriage to Philip, he started to abuse her physically. She claims "things have gotten physical at least 75 times," and that he has given her black eyes and bruises on her arms and legs. Philip admits he has some anger issues, but says Betty knows how to “push my buttons” and he disagrees about the number of times things have gotten physical.

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“She tries to make me hit her,” he claims.

The couple decided to work on their marriage in a different way.
“Philip suggested that we have an open marriage,” Betty claims. “I was absolutely terrified. I had no desire whatsoever.”

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“Having an open marriage was Betty’s idea,” Philip claims. “Having an open marriage was not my cup of tea.”
In the video above, hear what happened when Betty stepped outside the marriage – and hear where their marriage stands today.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Betty and Philip’s daughters who say their parents are hypocrites. Is there hope for this union – or is it time to part ways for good? Check here to see where you can watch.