Brian and Liz say last year, they met Sarah at a charity bike ride, and she told them she had terminal cancer and that she wanted to complete a Century Ride. Liz says she agreed to help her, as she cycles regularly. The couple says they opened their home – and hearts – to Sarah.

“Sarah came and stayed with us, and we definitely entertained her,” says Brian.

Liz adds, “We spent most of the daytime riding bikes. Nights, we would sit in our backyard. Brian would make dinner for us, and Sarah and I would have some really deep talks.”

The couple, who says they grew close to Sarah and her “husband” James, says when Sarah told them she was being stalked and was concerned about her safety, they became concerned as well.

“I received a text message from Sarah that said, ‘The stalker has a gun. She’s chasing me.’ I said just run, run, hide, hide. I was completely freaking out,” Liz says.

Brian says it was after that incident that he grew suspicious of Sarah. Learn what he found out about her – and what happened when they confronted Sarah about her lies.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more of Sarah's tales -- and see what happens when Brian and Liz face Sarah for the first time since discovering her deception. And on Monday, Sarah is confronted by another former friend who is a cancer survivor. Is Sarah finally ready to change her ways?

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