The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives, and in Colorado, Kaila and Isaac say their stress and worry have been compounded because surgery to correct their 11-month-old son’s heart defect has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“We set a date for his surgery to be on April 8, and we recently received a phone call stating that it’s going to be canceled now, until further notice,” says Kaila.

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“It doesn’t really matter how serious it is, because when it’s your baby, it’s scary,” says Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, adding, “I cannot imagine how you’re feeling.”

“It’s becoming very stressful,” says Isaac, noting that with four other children in the home, he and Kaila are trying to make sure their older kids understand what’s going on with the pandemic and “just trying to keep hope alive.”

What does Dr. Phil say to help this couple to remain positive in the face of fear?

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