James and Misty, an African American couple who are real estate investors, say they’ve filed a federal discrimination lawsuit after a local real estate agent allegedly rejected their offer to pay cash for three condominium units in a newer development because they are Black. The realtor adamantly denies the allegation.

“It did not matter to her if we had the financial means or resources; she just did not want to sell to us,” says Misty.

James claims that the woman first told them that she wouldn’t sell to them because she had plans to convert the property into a 55+ community. Then, says James, she told them, “’I’m not going to sell to you because my gut feeling tells me that we wouldn’t get along with you people.’”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Bias in Real Estate: Enough is Enough!” airs Thursday. And later, how do James and Misty respond when Dr. Phil reads a statement from the realtor’s attorney claiming that their allegation of racial discrimination against his client is a “fictional account”?

Then, in Friday’s conclusion, “Fighting Back: Real Estate Bias Exposed,” Dr. Phil talks to a psychotherapist who breaks down the mental toll racial bias takes on Black Americans.

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