Grant and Korin met in rehab. Korin says their relationship was initially good, but then they both relapsed, and that’s when, she says, the relationship took a turn.

“We were gone for five days on a binge,” says Korin.

“And that was the worst decision we’ve ever made in our entire relationship,” agrees Grant. “When we drink, we’re a very toxic couple.”

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Today, at five-months pregnant, Korin says she’s been sober for two years, however she and Grant both acknowledge he’s still drinking. Korin claims she’s tried to leave Grant numerous times but always returns, saying Grant is the love of her life, and she’s afraid to be without him.

In the video above, Grant tells Dr. Phil, “It’s hard to change 30 years of hardwired behavior.” He says he wants help to figure out why he’s so jaded. “I’m here because I want the help for ‘future Grant’… for my children, for Korin, for my mom, for their sanity – for my sanity.”

Is Grant finally ready to accept the help he says he wants? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Tuesday to see what he says about the future of Korin and Grant’s relationship.

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