Barbara, a Democrat, says she didn’t know how to talk to her husband of 15 years, Rick, a life-long conservative, after she found out he was going to vote for Donald Trump in 2020. She says she was upset because there seemed to be a disconnect between that and what she thought she knew about him.

“I couldn’t even speak to him about it, so we resorted to writing letters to try to understand each other,” says Barbara, adding, “I didn’t want our politics to hurt our marriage.”

Rick says that America is politically polarized, but politics doesn’t have to tear people apart. He says, “Good, well-meaning people can disagree.”

Watch the video above to hear how Rick and Barbara say they were able to work through their political differences. This episode of Dr. Phil, “Polarized America,” airs Friday. And later, Dr. Phil talks to twin sisters who say they are identical in every way – except for their politics.

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