Joselyn says her teenage son, Rakim’s, behaviors have always been “challenging,” but ever since the pandemic began, he’s been out of control. She claims he takes things without permission, drinks alcohol, vapes, and refuses to listen to her.

Three weeks ago, Joselyn says Rakim made a call to Child Protective Services when she went out of town, claiming he’d been left alone with drugs and alcohol in the home.

“CPS saw straight through his lies,” she says.

Rakim insists he didn’t report his mother to CPS. “I called because I was asking for resources, and they just wanted my parents’ names, so I gave it to them,” he says.

Rakim claims that Joselyn is “explosive” and tells him often that she hates him.

Watch Tuesday's episode, “The Youth Mental Health Crisis,” to hear what Dr. Phil and child behavioral expert Dr. Michele Borba say Joselyn can do to help build Rakim up and develop a more positive relationship with her son.

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WATCH: Teen Claims Mom Is ‘Explosive, Out Of Control, Radical, And Not Understanding.’ She Claims He Refuses To Listen

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