Exercise guru Janet Jones, founder of the high-energy “Vixen Workout,” claims a former employee whom she says she had to terminate is now out to destroy her.

“My company is based on empowering women,” says Janet, who says she created the Vixen dance/fitness program to “make women feel as if they are the performers of a concert.”

She says shortly after she launched a certification program for additional instructors, Nikki was granted a license.

“A month after she was certified, it became apparent that she would be a threat to the Vixen workout,” Janet says, adding that she was forced to terminate Nikki.

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“Ever since I terminated her, it’s been absolute hell,” Janet claims. “I am absolutely afraid of Nikki. She’s been cyberstalking me, harassing my instructors and the studios. She just went straight up to just wanting to ruin everything that I’ve ever built.”

However, Nikki insists she did nothing wrong. She claims that after she was terminated, Janet started badmouthing her to her instructors on social media and defamed her character.

Janet says she now lives in fear and hired a bodyguard to protect her. “Nikki created an Instagram dedicated to hate of me, my workout and other instructors,” Janet claims. “She hates me and wants me to suffer.”

Janet faces off with Nikki on Monday’s Dr. Phil. Can he help the two come to a truce? Check here to see where you can watch.