College is expensive. At some point, 92.8 million Americans have had to take out student loans, and there is currently $1.75 trillion in outstanding debt. To combat this issue and fulfill a campaign promise, President Biden recently announced a three-part plan to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in federal student debt.
However, this announcement ignited a heated debate.

In the video above, hear why Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), says student loan forgiveness is a terrible idea because it does not address the underlying problem of increasing tuition costs. And, hear why Charlie Eaton, economic sociologist, professor at UC Merced, and author of Bankers in the Ivory Tower, supports Biden’s plan and says it will be life-changing for some. Plus, Dr. Phil audience members weigh in on the debate.
Is President Biden’s plan raising living standards or adding fuel to inflation? Helping lower-income Americans or supporting the rich? See what the experts think on Friday’s episode, “Student Loan Forgiveness: Worth It or Raw Deal?” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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