Kevin Mitnick claims he was once on the FBI's Most Wanted list because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge. After spending five years in prison, Mitnick says he turned his talent for breaching firewalls and computer networks into a successful career as a cybersecurity consultant, public speaker, and author of multiple bestsellers, including "The Art of Invisibility."

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, the self-described “white hat hacker” demonstrates how today’s “crackers” and “cyberpunks” are using modified gear and social engineering to steal sensitive information from everyday people.

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“You have to think about how have hackers evolved in their trade-craft to even do this with something that’s so simple that anybody would fall for it,” he says in the video above.

And later, Mitnick shares his top five tips for keeping safe in the cyberworld.

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For free information on how you can guard against cyberattacks, avoid malware, keep personal information confidential and protect your children online, visit Kevin Mitnick’s Knowbe4 homecourse and enter the password: homecourse.

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UnPHILtered: Would-be Hacker Targets Dr. Phil

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